Sulzberg Foundation
The Sulzberg Foundation is a private non-profit foundation based in Winterthur. Its purpose is both the long-term preservation of the landmark-protected neo-baroque Villa as a vibrant centre of cultural production and exchange in Winterthur and the promotion of cultural activities in all disciplines. The Sulzberg Foundation operates the “Villa Sträuli, Kultursalon und Artists-in-Residence Winterthur” cultural centre on Foundation-owned property.

Doris Sträuli, a music teacher and patron of the arts, established the Foundation in 1999 in keeping with the intention of her deceased husband Dr. Hans Sträuli. Unfortunately, Doris Sträuli would not live to see the realisation of the project as it was subsequently carried out by founding members Ruth and Roger Girod and other supporters. The memory of the Villa’s generous founder and her husband, however, will be perpetuated in this exceptional gift to Winterthur’s cultural life.

The focus of the Foundation is on the realisation of the project ‘Villa Sträuli’. The Foundation does not accept funding applications for other projects. 

The foundation Council
The foundation council is actually constituted of:

Doris Adam, President and executive director
Roger Girod
Dr. Stefan Osbahr 
Peter Wehrli-Münzenmaier

 Programme Commission
The Programme Commission is responsible for planning and organising
the Villa's event series programm.
The current members of the Programme Commission are:

Annelise Schmid (Director Villa Sträuli)
Roger Girod (member of the Foundation Board)
Ruth Girod (former member of the Foundation Board)

Annelise Schmid
Roger Girod
Ruth Girod
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